Just A Thought #7

I Quit!

Do you ever feel like that? Like giving up? I used to feel like that every day. Many get to that point in their lives where due to health problems, job stress, family issues, money problems, etc. they feel like giving up and running away. Yet we are in a world where that kind of attitude is considered defeatist! We are told not to give up, never surrender!

This is in stark contrast to Luke 9:23 - 25 which says in part that we must deny ourselves, take up our cross DAILY and follow Christ. In order to gain our life we must lose it. Think about what happened on the cross....Christ died! Now I am not suggesting we literally need to die but Christ was surrendered to His Father's will. We need to be as well.

Recently a dear man of God went home to be with the Lord. This First Nations chief was a strong believer. He also had cancer. He was dying and yet that did not define him. He was surrendered to the Lords plan and was more focused on God and seeing others come to Him than ever. In His last year He was recording his testimony on CD, leading family and friends to Christ and spending time with the Father. When His last days on this earth were at hand he was ready.

Could we be that way in the face of death, financial hardship, etc? Could we be surrendered to whatever God has in store for us and just focus on Him? As this man of God jokingly said many times, why pray when you can worry? Indeed, which is easier to do? Would it not be better to pray and seek the Lord and His desires and leave life's problems to Him? I know there are a lot of questions here. The answer though is profoundly simple.

Gal 2:20 says it all. We were crucified with Christ! Meditate on that Scripture and then read Romans 6, 7 and 8! Let God speak to you about how to quit and be a winner!

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