Just A Thought #15

Standing Ground

I am a history buff. In particular I like to read about military history. I have been reading about the American Civil War lately. One thing that strikes me is when faced with hard pressing attacks from the enemy, numerous times soldiers have been credited with holding their ground. In the accounts I have read, they would not fall back, but continued to fight against overwhelming odds.

I wish we as Christians would do the same. This may strike some as pushy or forward, but we give too much ground to the enemy today. The Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 that we should not be conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our minds. There are numerous Scriptures telling us not to give in to worldliness. I have seen too many Christians embracing Harry Potter and similar books and movies, when God clearly condemns sorcery and witchcraft and tells us to have nothing to do with them. Too many people endorsing films which clearly violate God's standard. The recent Evan Almighty is a clear example. No matter how hard we try to draw parallels to Christianity, or point to the redemptive qualities of the plot, the fact is that we are allowing subtle suggestions to affect our view of God, family, morals and more. I have heard friends recommend movies with dozens of expletives and crass jokes, saying things like "I loved that movie. It portrayed good and evil so clearly." So? Even Satan himself knows the scripture. But he can't quote it without twisting it. Just as he tried to deceive Jesus in the wilderness, so he wishes to deceive us through many types of media.

Now I am not prudish and I watch films, TV, etc. The point though is we should filter what we watch through His lenses. Would God approve of what we are partaking in? What would he say about the way Christians are portrayed? About how Jesus is portrayed? About how his goodness is displayed or dismissed?

Why do we embrace what the world offers? Are we not called to be different...peculiar? Should the World not look at us and see Christ? I am tired of compromising Christianity. I want to see Jesus lifted high. Are we salt to the world or have we lost our flavor? It is time to stand up for righteousness...standing our ground as the enemy presses in. No retreat. No surrender. Giving all for Jesus no Matter the cost!

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