Authentic Worship

Say what you will about King David, the man knew how to worship. Though not all the Psalms were written by him, you can hear his passion, his joy and his real struggles as he pours his heart out before the Holy Maker of the Universe.

He got so caught up in worship at one point he became a bit undignified in the eyes of his wife. (2 Samuel 6:14-23) Somehow I can't see this happening on a Sunday morning!


Not that I am promoting that we become "undignified". No, what I am want is for the body of Christ to be REAL! Authentic! Genuine!

Sadly, I don't see that often. Believe me, I am speaking to myself here too! Most of us are probably guilty of wandering into our worship services late, distracted as we try to find a seat. How many of us look around a bit before getting into the "worship?"

Then there is the stop/start feature. It goes something like this: A song, shake some hands, announce a few things, take up an offering with some "special" music, then sing a few more songs before the message. There are variations on the theme but I guarantee most of our services emulate this pattern though the order may vary.

I can't picture Jesus and the apostles doing this:

As the crowd gathers on the hillside, James leads the group in a song. A few of the people come to the hillside late. Then Peter gets up to make a few announcements. "Don't forget that next Sunday night there will be a potluck fundraiser for the 70! Also, make sure you join our youth for the camel wash for Christ! Now brother John will lead us in a special song while Andrew, Judas and Matthew pass the offering basket!" Following this, James returns to lead a couple more songs before Jesus comes to deliver the message.

Again I am not being critical. I have participated in this myself. I am not at all satisfied though. I want authentic worship. The pour my heart out, singing, praying, can't get enough of Jesus type worship.

I want songs from the heart! I want poems and prayers from a life fully turned to the Saviour. I don't care if the songs we sing are written by the latest hot worship band or the postal worker down the street. I don't even care if we sing because I know Worship is more than just music! (Tell that to the person sitting in the back row wishing for more hymns while the young person up front wants more upbeat music and the worship leader just wants to PRAISE!)

I want my life to be a worship song to the King of Kings. Anyone want to join me?


herbhalstead said...

my preferred worship music is Black Gospel (this from a anglo-asian haha) - I am at home in modern, David Crowder and Hillsong UNited stuff - not comfortable at all with southern gospel - indifferent on hymns, really.

It has taken me along time to get here, but I can sincerely say that I rarely have a problem communing with the Holy Spirit these days, no matter what music is being offered.

I think you nailed the reason why - I seek to experience the presence of God - a presence that transcends the liturgy - a presence that I anticipate before I ever enter, and that I enjoy through all "parts" of worship (word, song & prayer).

I appreciate your heart - good stuff.

RDA said...

Thanks for the feedback. I have known so many worship leaders that get frustrated when all they want to do is worship but they get lots of "help" from the congregation.

"You need to sing more fast songs, more slow songs, more hymns, more praise, too many songs, too few, too old, too new."

It seems we want performance over relationship!