Waiting for Love

Imagine you are a child for just a moment.

You are impoverished, in need of medicine, schooling and good nutrition.

One day someone offers you a bit of hope.

A church nearby your home announces that they have partnered with Compassion and because of this partnership, if you are registered in the program, you will receive benefits that were never before available to you.
  • educational opportunities
  • health care and health-related instruction
  • nutrition
  • life-skills training
And opportunities to hear about and respond to the gospel.

It's all very exciting so your parents take you and register you at the local church. The church volunteers gather information about you and your family and take your picture. You're officially registered!

You now have all the financial benefits of this program but there's more! You are going to be connected to one sponsor. You just have to wait for someone to sponsor you.

There are people out there who love kids, care for them and want to help.

They want to help you.

This is the ministry of Compassion. They find the children in need and bring them to the attention of potential sponsors around the world. Day in and day out the process works wonders.

Unfortunately, some kids have to wait....and wait.....and wait to find a potential sponsor. Some children have to wait 6 months or more!

That's a long time to wait when every day can mean the difference between life or death. A long time to wait for someone to reach out with the love of God.

The money provided by sponsorship helps....but so do the letters, the prayers. When you connect with a child, lives are changed for all eternity.

Why not stop by Compassion's website today? You'll see pictures of a little boy or girl who have been waiting for a long, long time.

Sponsorship is so easy. You can sponsor a waiting child right now by clicking here!

Still not convinced....I dare you to watch this video:

Sponsor a Waiting Child from Compassion International on Vimeo.


Free Book GIveaway

Compassion International has provided me an extra copy of Wess Stafford's new book, Just A Minute.

Now it can be yours:

Just A Minute by Wess Stafford contains stories of well-recognized and unknown people alike to refute the old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” especially for the young minds of children. He gives simple tips and examples of how anyone can positively impact a child in just a moment and how all of us are equipped to do it.

So how do you win? There are 2 ways to win. One: Leave a comment here about how one moment changed or significantly impacted your life. Or Two: If you sponsor a child via Compassion, share what that experience means to you. One winner will be randomly selected on Thursday Feb 16th. You must provide contact info in order for me to let you know you won.

Good Luck


The Police and Prayer

I glanced nervously in my rear-view mirror as the red and blue police lights went off behind me.

Like many people, I get a bit more conscientious of my driving when I see a police car. When the car is right behind me I become VERY attentive. This one had been following me for a mile or two so I was extremely attentive to every function of my vehicle and where I was on the road.

Then the lights came on and I assumed the worst. I began to move my vehicle to the side of the road, only to have the police cruiser move past me and turn its lights off again!

I went from fearing a ticket to righteous indignation that the officer would use his lights just to pass me! However, while he was behind me, I did become a better driver. My prayer life increased as well!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray without ceasing. Another way to say that is "pray all the time!"

Just as my driving improves when a cruiser is behind me, my prayer life improves when I am in the midst of a spiritual, emotional, physical or financial difficulty. I pray more when the crisis is at hand then I do at any other time.

That saddens me.

I should drive well at all times, not just went there are police officers around.

I should pray at all times, not just when the crisis is at hand.

Prayer is the word I felt the Lord gave me for 2012 and this experience reminded me of that. Of course, I look at those catalysts to prayer and I find I pray more due to physical difficulties than anything else.

What causes you to pray more?