Killed by the Church, Resurrected by Christ

I once had a near death experience.

After years of attending churches around the world, I struggled under a heavy burden.  I had lost the joy I once felt when gathering with the body of Christ. I know I am not the only one.  For years I have met people whom no longer want to actively participate in church.

Most of those who have abandoned the church share stories of hypocrisy and church abuse. Long-time believers are ready to walk away out of boredom and frustration. Killed by the Church, Resurrected by Christ seeks to equip people with the principles they need in order to fall in love with the church again in a much healthier way.

I once sucumbed to "death by church". Then I found my identity.  It wasn't in anything the world had to offer.  It was only found in Jesus Christ!

In this book, you will find stories from around the world and right next door. Stories of all the good the church has to offer and sadly, some of the worst as well. You will discover Biblical principles that relate not only to church, but to our relationship with the body of Christ at large. You will hopefully develop a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ.

I invite you to pick up a copy of my new book, Killed by the Church, Resurrected by Christ.  

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