The Fast Facts Bible

Zondervan has released the Fast Facts Bible.  It could also be called the Trivia Bible because in a nutshell that is what it is.

With over 1,000 facts about God's Word trivia nuts can find lots of tidbits of information.  Sadly not all of it is useful.  I am not sure what to do with some of the info.  Each book introduction has a By the Number fact which includes the number of chapters, verses and words.  Interesting but not really useful.

I was expecting a lot more from the trivia sections.  Most of the stuff included is just pointing you to specific passages.  I thought the facts would be more background stuff which would be far more helpful for Bible Study. 

So each book begins with a fast fact page and ends with a trivia quiz.  The quizzes are designed to see how well you read each book and the answers are at the bottom of the quiz page (albeit upside down to prevent peeking!)  The quizzes are really helpful to see if you are taking in what you read.

The rest of the Bible is pretty standard.  Basic NIV text, no concordance or other features. 

Overall I can see this as a great Bible for a teen/young adult/new Christian but not a great Bible for in depth study.

I received a copy of this Bible for review via bookbloggers.com


D.L. Moody - A Life

I love a good biography.

I particularly enjoy biographies of men and women of God from days gone by.  A quick scan of my bookshelf reveals biographies of William Booth, Corrie Ten Boom, A.W. Tozer, George Muller and Hudson Taylor to name a few. 

So I was excited when I saw a new biography about D.L. Moody from Moody Press.  Author Kevin Belmonte has written a pretty good book with, D.L. Moody - A Life.

This book is fairly comprehensive and detailed but Belmonte's writing style makes the book an easy read.  The depth of material is there but I was able to go through the book fairly quickly.   I learned a lot and found some quotes by Moody that had me sitting back and reflecting on my own life.

I can't ask for much more than that in a biography. 

Moody only lived 62 years but his life is still having an impact today. The schools, church and publishing company he founded are all still in existence and have changed lives for generations.

Moody was a humble man and not afraid to admit his faults and yet his passion for God broke across denominational boundaries.  Belmonte does a good job of showing the many facets of D.L. Moody's life and I believe he has written a book that will become the definitive biography of D.L. Moody.  Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this book.


What I Learned...

A friend has passed away.

He will be missed.

He taught me so much over the years.

Things like compassion, love, humor and respect.

All attributes he displayed to me over the last 8 years.

Some looked at him and saw his "issues", I looked at him and saw Jesus Christ.

I will always recall the hours we spent talking about the Lord while sitting on the couch.

I will never forget the day he made the choice to follow Jesus.

Today he is in glory, walking and talking with the Lord.

I look forward to the day I see him there.

His race was long and hard, but I know Jesus was smiling when he walked into the Kingdom!


"The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."  Zephaniah 3:17

No one is beyond redemption. 

Everyone needs compassion.

We are called to love one another.  Let us share the truth of Jesus Christ in love and compassion.  By doing so we can see God change lives, including our own!