The Police and Prayer

I glanced nervously in my rear-view mirror as the red and blue police lights went off behind me.

Like many people, I get a bit more conscientious of my driving when I see a police car. When the car is right behind me I become VERY attentive. This one had been following me for a mile or two so I was extremely attentive to every function of my vehicle and where I was on the road.

Then the lights came on and I assumed the worst. I began to move my vehicle to the side of the road, only to have the police cruiser move past me and turn its lights off again!

I went from fearing a ticket to righteous indignation that the officer would use his lights just to pass me! However, while he was behind me, I did become a better driver. My prayer life increased as well!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray without ceasing. Another way to say that is "pray all the time!"

Just as my driving improves when a cruiser is behind me, my prayer life improves when I am in the midst of a spiritual, emotional, physical or financial difficulty. I pray more when the crisis is at hand then I do at any other time.

That saddens me.

I should drive well at all times, not just went there are police officers around.

I should pray at all times, not just when the crisis is at hand.

Prayer is the word I felt the Lord gave me for 2012 and this experience reminded me of that. Of course, I look at those catalysts to prayer and I find I pray more due to physical difficulties than anything else.

What causes you to pray more?

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