Free Book GIveaway

Compassion International has provided me an extra copy of Wess Stafford's new book, Just A Minute.

Now it can be yours:

Just A Minute by Wess Stafford contains stories of well-recognized and unknown people alike to refute the old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” especially for the young minds of children. He gives simple tips and examples of how anyone can positively impact a child in just a moment and how all of us are equipped to do it.

So how do you win? There are 2 ways to win. One: Leave a comment here about how one moment changed or significantly impacted your life. Or Two: If you sponsor a child via Compassion, share what that experience means to you. One winner will be randomly selected on Thursday Feb 16th. You must provide contact info in order for me to let you know you won.

Good Luck


eternalliving said...

I've sponsor a Child through Compassion since I was 15 and have loved every part of it. I am always encouraged and I feel like my life lights up when I get a letter from my 6 year old sponsor kid. It's been so touching to keep updated on them and receive updates from them personally. I would suggest everyone sponsor at least one child, doesn't matter who through, just do it.
Thank you Compassion!!!
Joseph Russell

RDA said...

Joe you won the book but I need your contact info.