40 Years

On August 7th, I will turn 40 years old.

It is an odd feeling. I don't feel 40. Ok maybe I do physically. I don't really have a spring in my step in the mornings. That's another story though...

Mentally I don't feel 40 either. It just doesn't seem that long ago I was traipsing (skipping, running, whatever) off to school and running around my backyard playing kickball. I remember fondly sitting on the floor sorting baseball cards...ok I still do that.

40 Years though. 4-0!

Don't worry I am not having a midlife crisis.

Well let me rephrase that, I realized this week I am having a spiritual mid-life crisis. I realize more and more that I don't want the same old routine over and over. I want the kind of fresh, vibrant relationship with God that the saints of old had.

I don't want tradition for traditions sake. I want a real relationship. Not a plodding, humdrum Christianity but something filled with the excitement and passion that only Jesus can bring!

I read the Bible and I see an exciting God who made the impossible possible. I see a God who loved me enough to send His Son to die for me. I see a God who communicated with His children. When the veil was torn we had direct access to the Father. I see a God who was not stale and lifeless but is excitement itself.

So why have we, His children, watered down God's image today? Why are we OK with sharing about a God who doesn't seem real to people around us, if we share Him at all? Why are we not sharing about a God of LIFE? Do people see and experience this vibrant Life when sitting in our pews on Sunday? I have sat in too many churches and seen immense sadness on peoples faces when singing the Joy of the Lord is my strength!


It is time to get back to our first love. To renew the passion we once had for God! To grab a hold of the life He is offering and to live it to it's fullest. To realize each day we wake up is a gift from God and to share that joy, real joy, with others!

Our God is an Awesome God! He is exciting, fulfilling and wild beyond compare. He is truly a God of wonders!

So yes I am 40....and looking FW with excitement to the rest of the adventure God has for me.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Rick! This is a great time in your life and I pray God blesses you mightily!

RDA said...

Thanks Brother. I am looking fw to it.