Why? Why Not? - Asking the Big Qustions - Just A Thought #32

Recently I posted a comment on my twitter stream that said: Questioning the Why? Why do the innocent suffer? Why are the sick not healed? Why does life hurt so bad? Yet even in this God is good!

I love asking "why?". It really seems to unnerve people though when you ask the question. Why? It means you are questioning things. It means you want more than a surface response and are digging for more info. It alludes to the fact that you are not satisfied with the answer given.

It scares Christians to death.

I have noticed over the years that it is ok in Christian circles to ask certain questions though:

What denomination are you? When is the Rapture going to take place? How long did Creation take?

These are all acceptable questions. Yet, ask things like:

Why does God allow suffering? Why did my "insert person" have to die such a horrible death? Why do the wicked prosper and God's children seem to go without?

Ask these questions and the wheels come off the bus. People panic. I find when I ask these questions many want to shut the door on the topic. "Have Faith! Don't Doubt! You shouldn't ask those questions." I have heard these responses from other believers. It is as if God is shocked or horrified that I have questions. Why?

Every time I read the Psalms of David I see these same questions. 'Why do the wicked prosper?' 'Why am I suffering?' Did David lack faith? These Psalms of Lament were included for a reason. David almost always ended these Psalms declaring God's goodness and His knowledge that God will make things right in His time.

Asking why does not have to be frightful. I am not saying I doubt God but that I struggle with real problems. I have real concerns and I know that God has real answers!

God knows my thoughts. I should share them with Him. When I ask why it always, ALWAYS drives me deeper into the Word and closer to the Father!

I think the important thing to remember, is that though God will not be offended with our asking, still He is God, holy and just in all His ways, and sometimes He wants us to wait--maybe until Heaven--for His answers. Can we allow Him to shape our understanding and trust even if our questions go unanswered for a time? Sometimes He will even ask us to let go of a question completely and entrust that area of our life to Him.

Don't be afraid to ask the question. Let the word roll off your tongue. Wrestle with your faith. Work out your salvation daily with fear and trembling. Asking 'Why' can firm up your faith and solidify your beliefs. Remember that ultimately God is good! His ways are higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Step out of your comfort zone and dive into a deeper relationship with God today!


Melanie said...

I think people get unnerved because there is a foundation of belief there that if rocked..changes your entire view on who God is and what goodness truly means. For me..I do not believe in the "sovereignty" doctrine that has been thrown out there by the fundamental church. Now just saying that gets a lot of people completely freaked.. I am not saying God isn't sovereign..I just think that the doctrine that is out there is wrong. So...by saying this..it really does open up a lot of questions...and does challenge a lot of thinking that has been accepted by the church as a whole. It isn't a matter of the questioning for me...it is the matter of what we base our believe that God is good on and what we believe goodness to be.

RDA said...

I agree people get unnerved if their foundation is rocked.

I think that some of that goes to what their foundation is built on. If it is God Himself there may be more security. If it is on their "beliefs" or "doctrine" than yeah there may be a bit more insecurity!

Anonymous said...

We can take our masks off. God is not afraid of our questions nor the emotions those questions create in us.

Anonymous said...

Why? Is one of the one of my greatest memories as a toddler. In order to learn we need to ask Why? I agree with the blogger and comment above... It’s good to ask Why?

For if we do not, how can we truly understand the circumstance or situation. As a child I can remember frustrating my father, mother, and brother with the Why's. As a parent I tried my best not to be frustrated with the Why's from my boys... It did always work. I found myself using "because that's the way it is" to get out of the perpetual questioning, but you know, they never accepted it. I do think it is time to start asking the Why’s agian? Hey if you don't understand a concept, doctrine, scripture, or why organized religion does what it does, it is ok to ask the question.

Be Bold, Be Strong for the Lord the God is with the. And I know that our Father is never frustrated with us and is waiting for us to as Why?

Your fellow servant in Christ,

RDA said...

Thanks Guys for all the comments.

Melanie said...

Your foundation has to be God..I get that..I also believe that how you see Him and see His nature or how you were taught His nature to be ...will in the long run, ultimately challenge how your trust Him, love Him, and if you even run to Him when you are in trouble.

Melanie said...

I also think that when it comes to our parents...yes, they did things I didn't like or understand...but I did know without a doubt they would never hurt me and bring devastation or tragedy to my life on purpose. Yet..we point our fingers at God all the time as the author of horrible things... We live on a very fallen earth...we have an enemy that according to the Bible wants us dead...and we are so flawed in this flesh...yet..seldom do we point the fingers at ourselves for things that just happen from our own silliness or at an enemy that is defeated that we let into our lives through sin..or just that we live on this yucky earth. It really is easier to point it to God....this way it really isn't my fault. It is God.

RDA said...

Good Points Melanie. Glad you are participating in this discussion.

Melanie said...

LOL..thanks...I do hope that you understand my heart..I am not ranting or pointing fingers. This brought so much freedom in my relationship with the Lord. I just had to share!! :) Thank you for listening and letting me participate. Walking out our salvation is a great thing!! I want to learn..I am so hungry for the Lord. I want to know Him! Anyway..thanks!

RDA said...

Ditto, thanks and I agree!