Winter Road

So I read this really awesome book this week. It's called Winter Road: Journey of a Russian Mission

Now to be fair, I know the author. My wife and I actually were in the same YWAM Discipleship Training School back in 94-95. We went on outreach together. Our destination: Perm, Russia. The same Perm, Russia that our friend, Andy Frecka, returned to as a missionary.

Andy and his wife Rachel have been serving in Perm for 10 years now.

SO with that out of the way, you STILL need to buy and read this book. I found myself laughing out loud at his missionary adventures while praising God for the way He has been (and still is) moving in Russia today.

To quote Andy himself: "Russia is not just the land of Sputnik, Gorbachev, borscht, post-Communist civil strife, impressive Olympic gymnasts, and endless landscapes of industrial gray. Russia is also a place where total strangers will spend a morning teaching you to speak without an accent, where the bureaucracy is truly a marvel of human engineering, where the airlines "fly with soul," where hospitality approaches a fine art, and where a village will rescue you if you try, during the spring thaw, to travel a winter road."

So please harass your local Christian bookstore until they bring in this soon to be missionary classic. Or go to Andy's website for more info on the book. You can find the book at Amazon, Amazon (Canada) and Barnes and Noble as well.

You won't be disappointed. You'll find yourself praying for Russia, praying for missionaries to go into the harvest and praying your side will stop hurting from laughing so hard.

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