The A.D. Chronicles

If you have ever read a Brock and Bodie Thoene novel you already know that they are well-written, historically accurate and fun, exciting reads!

Brock and Bodie have written over 45 books. Their series include: Zion Chronicles, Zion Covenant, The Shiloh Legacy, the Saga of the Sierras and more!

However it is their latest series, the A.D. Chronicles that is their most significant novels to date. Heavily researched and well-written, these novels make the life and times of Jesus, the era in which he lived, leap off the page. You gain a huge cultural understanding of the times and I came away wanting to dig deeper into the Gospels, reading them with fresh eyes.

If you have never read a Thoene novel, over 10 million have been sold to date, I would highly recommend you start today. Pick up the first book in the A.D. Chronicles and let yourself be transported to another place and time!

The A.D. Chronicles are published by Tyndale.

Brock and Bodie's website is www.thoenebooks.com

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