Locusts and Wild honey Anyone?

My daughter was reading Matthew this week and found John the Baptist's diet of locust and wild honey (Matthew 3:4) to be a bit....well.....disgusting.

While talking with her I realized how beneficial that diet would have been to ol' John.

Now I myself would have to be pretty desperate....ok...majorly desperate...and a bit concerned if I was hearing from the Lord, before I would attempt this diet myself.

However I did a bit of research...ok I googled it, and found out that locusts are high in protein and low and fat. They are a rich resource of many vitamins. Honey aids in constipation, boosts your energy, helps with sore throats, etc. I can see how, while preaching in the desert, this diet would greatly aid in accomplishing what God sent John the Baptist to do.

God does provide when He calls us forth to do His work. It may not be the way we want but even in the desert places He can sustain us.

Now if I can just find a recipe for honey glazed locusts......


Wm. Bill Whiting said...

I would have to be pretty desperate all so but deep down I would like to try it one time. If I had the right person preparing the meal.

RDA said...

LOL! I don't think I'd LIKE to try it but would if I was desperate or directed!