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Today's guest is Bruxy Cavey. Bruxy is the Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House - A church for people who are not into church. The Meeting House currently has 8 locations in Ontario. He is also the author of The End of Religion.

And now on to the questions:

Hi Bruxy

Question 1: What one word would describe your current relationship with God?

Christ-centred (if that feels too much
like a two-word cheat, then we can go with Christocentric!)

Question 2: Your book is very relationship focused. How do you, as a Teaching Pastor, maintain relationship in a church your size?

I'm part of a small home community within our larger congregation, just as we encourage everyone to be. That's where we get to live out significant aspects of the Jesus life. The Meeting House is really a family of home churches that also have Sunday services together. So my upward and outward relationships really start there.

Question 3: When you see Jesus face to face, after loving on Him for a time, what is one question you would ask Him?

Why me?

Question 4: What do you think is the biggest hurdle for the church today in relating to the world around us?

Lack of humility. Christians claim to be re-made on the inside, but we cloud people's view of God at work in us because we've wrapped our regeneration in religion instead of repentance. Repentance, like faith, isn't something we do once to become a Christian, but an attitude we carry with us into our relationships, always being ready to learn, to change, to grow. When we are ready to approach our world with a repentant disposition, we will also be modeling for them what we will also call them to experience.

Question 5: If there was a Christian biography written about your life what would the title be?

An Irreligious Life: The Bruxy Cavey Story


An Unlikely Candidate: The Bruxy Cavey Story


The Face of Jesus, The Body of Buddha: The Bruxy Cavey Story

Thank you such much Bruxy for taking the time to answer these questions.

All the Best to you! Peace, Bruxy

There you have it folks. Please go out and purchase Bruxy Cavey's book today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I know that guy...

If "missing the mark" is a definition of sin, then certainly we in the world who are Christ-followers are meant to be the ones who are "hitting the mark." Kingdom living requires radical reorientation of our not just our thoughts (as we sit in church thinking "hmmm, that was a good sermon") but also a reorientation of that inner life to outflow to our actions ("I will live this out throughout the remainder of my life"). But how does that become manifest? THE END OF RELIGION gives us an introduction to the mentorship we can have with THE mentor, Jesus Christ.

The writing works it's way through to show us what it is like to strip away rules, rituals and regulations and thus reveal to us that a relationship with Jesus is primary. It shows us that church denominations, elective programs, showing up on Sundays, and social gatherings, etc. are not any sort of decent substitute for Him. There's nothing wrong with those things, to be sure, but we have to be certain that if we engage in those things that we are living examples of Him in all of those contexts. That is, we need to be sure that we're not just "doing stuff."

Jesus shows us that it all starts and ends with Him. From there we can move outward to our spouses, our children, our workplace, our communities, and the greater world so that the Lord can effect change by working with us and through us. Doctrine and theology proper can be things that are used as tools which can deepen the relationship we have with Christ, but they are not the beginning point (they certainly shouldn't be excluded altogether from our lives with Him). The "Blue Rose Tuesday" exhibit (chapter 3) is a fine illustration of that, and formerly I'd lived that sort of thing out, but "that was then." In light of what is presented in The End Of Religion, it's time to ask the "So what?" question. Personally speaking, I've found through much prayer that it's time now to really spend time TRAINING under this One who gave us an eternal life that starts NOW.

...It's not like discipleship was ever OPTIONAL for the Christian, amen? Here's hoping that THE END OF RELIGION offers you insight into a way of embracing the personhood of Jesus...

Love you Rick, love you Bruxy,


RDA said...


Thanks for the comments brother.

Jesus shows us that it all starts and ends with Him.

Amen to that!


Anonymous said...

Love this 5 Questions format! Can't wait to read a whole bunch of them at once when you've collected more.

RDA said...

Thanks it's hard to get contact info for some I'm interested in asking Q's of.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Unfortunately, yet another book with too many answers and not enough questions...if only there were a truly simple answer to all the ills of the Christ Follower!


Anonymous said...

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