Just A Thought #12

Are We Being Led?

I have found myself challenged in the past month or so by some Scriptures in the Old Testament. Our family is reading through the Bible in a year and Hanna (our 8 year old) has asked a lot of questions and also points out every now and then a real gem of Biblical truth. Recently while reading Deuteronomy I was reviewing how God led the Israelites by a cloud out of Egypt and brought them to the door of the Promised Land. Hanna has found God leading the Israelites this way to be fascinating and pointed it out numerous times which was why I was particularly drawn to Deut. 1:22 where the Israelites come to Moses and said, "Let US (Emphasis Mine) send men ahead to spy out the land for us and bring back a report about the route we are to take and the towns we will come to." God led them but when they got to the door of the promised land they took matters into their own hands and ended up wandering in the desert 40 years! Then I read yesterday in Joshua about how the Gibeonites came to the Israelites to deceive them, making them believe they were from a far away nation to sue for peace. The latter part of verse 9:14 says they, "did not inquire of the Lord." and for that they fell into the Gibeonite deception.

These 2 verses got me to thinking about how many times in both ministry and personal matters I do not seek the Lord and I take matters into my own hands. Sometimes a good ministry opportunity pops up and I say yes without consulting God because it seems good and so He must be in it. I will make some major personal decisions without seeking 1st God's kingdom. (Matt. 6:33) I realize I need to seek God in all my decisions. To find His will for my life and not just do what seems right in my own eyes. That way leads to no good.

So are we being led or are we leading? Is Christ the pilot or are we trying to make Him our co-pilot. I would rather have God lead the way then be fighting for the wheel.

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