Just A Thought #3

A Passion for Purity

The statistics are staggering…1500 pastors leave the ministry every month due to moral failure or spiritual burnout. Divorce rates in the body of Christ are at an all time high. Some surveys show 90% of Christian men struggle with some form of sexual immorality. Christian men and women both are choosing to live lifestyles that clearly contradict the Word of God. Where will it end?

Where are the Christian men and women who are passionate about purity? Where are the believers who will stand up for righteousness? What can be done?

I believe we, the children of God, need to become passionate about purity. We need to stand up, obey and show are brothers and sisters in the Lord the path they are straying from. This needs to be done in love, however.

I am not talking about hateful, angry words that are divisive and cause nothing but hurt. I am talking about the gentle rebuke…pointing out the Scriptures and letting the Holy Spirit convict.

Marriages are failing because morality has taken a back seat to whatever feels good. Men and women are living secret lives of porn, masturbation and immorality…Harsh but true! I am seeing this everyday. I see the victims of sexual abuse, the stories of how people have been violated for the gains of others. We hear the frequent stories of how these lifestyles and hidden sins are destroying lives.

So many men think their “secret” habit of porn is not destructive, but this is a lie…I know that firsthand. I had my own struggle with porn and I did not see how that struggle and the efforts to hide it caused me to become moody, angry, bitter and resentful, nor how I was treating my wife disrespectfully as I struggled with the images I was bringing into our marriage. I was deceived and the deception continued until brothers started speaking out against porn and I was able to see through Scripture, the conviction of the Holy Spirit and some strong men of faith, the error of my ways.

It took some time but God not only set me free from this immorality, but healed and restored my marriage as well.

Are you living a lie? Are you living one way in church and in public and another in the privacy of your home? Help is available.

If you want help and need to share your struggle feel free to contact us. We care. As friends of course all are discussions are still confidential and will not be shared with anyone. Now is the time to walk in freedom!

Gal. 2:20

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