Just A Thought #18

In The Beginning----Love!

Hanna, my 9 year old, was completing an assignment for Bible class in school. Her assignment was to pick 3 Old Testament chapters, read them and write down what she felt the Lord was showing her in that chapter. Now I have always felt God can teach us in many ways and one way God has used to teach me quite often is via my little girl. As I looked over Hanna's work I noted that the first chapter she picked was Genesis Chapter 1. I figured she would mention the creation story. I was very much surprised, however, when Hanna wrote that she felt God was showing His love in this chapter.

Now I love the Creation story but I have never looked at it in that way before. Yes I know God loves us but that He showed His love in the beginning when he created the heavens and earth was something I'd never quite looked at before. Needless to say I was excited. I started looking at Genesis 1 and all the ways God demonstrated His love for us. From creating the heavens for us to look at, to forming the mountains and seas, the whole chapter is filled with verses that show how much God loves us. I asked Hanna to explain to me, while I was writing this Thought, how she felt God showed His love for us. She said "He took so much detail because He wanted the earth to be just right for us. He gave us the perfect temperature--not too hot or cold, provided plants that were not poisonous for us to eat, gave us fresh water to drink from, animals to eat, etc."

God loves us, but I realize there are many times I don't bask in His love, reflect on it and soak it in. God used my 9 year old to remind me of His love. In light of Gen. 1; John 3:16 and other verses, I realize I need to embrace His love more. We need to experience Him daily in order to fully reflect Him daily.

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