Just A Thought #10


I found myself reflecting this past month on how truly awesome God is. With just a word from Him the universe came into being. He spoke the earth into existence. His voice created the stars. He shaped the mountains and the seas with the power of His words. (Genesis 1) This is the God whom we serve.

The Scriptures record how he provided Manna in the wilderness. At His command the sun moved backwards in the sky. He fought for the Israelites! He spoke to Moses through a burning bush. By His words Jesus raised the dead, the blind were healed and the sick restored. This is an awesome God!

So why do we limit Him? The Bible tells us He is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) It seems we all limit God to what we feel He can or cannot do. We try to put Him into our own comfortable parameters so that we don't have to deal with the unknown or the uncomfortable. Who are we to say God cannot do this or that? I have heard many God-fearing believers do just that. I have done this myself at times. Oh, not intentionally for sure, but as I become comfortable in my beliefs and viewpoints I begin to, even unconsciously, believe God operates in only those ways or within my own defined parameters. For example I believe God still heals today but have not always felt He could still move the sun back in the sky. Why?

Who am I to limit God? The book of Job ends with God putting Job in his place so to speak. The last few chapters (Job 38-41) record God asking Job where He was when the foundations of the earth were created and it goes on from there. Job realized how small he really was.

God is not to be put into a box. We should not limit the Lord, who created this vast universe we live in. God is limitless. He won't contradict Himself and He never lies. He set the world in place. Are we comfortable enough with God to think outside the box?

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