Just A Thought #1

A Passionate Love Story

The Bible is filled with passion. King David is a model of that fact. When David acts, whether for good or evil, he does it whole-heartedly and without reservation. When you read the Psalms David wrote you can sense that passion as well. From the confidence of Psalm 23 to the anguish of Psalm 51 you can sense David's passion throughout the Psalms. When David dance before the Ark in 2 Samuel 6:14-16; 21-22 you knew this was a man passionate about God.

I wrote this at 2 am after awaking one night and feeling the presence of the Lord very strongly....

We never forget our first love. The thought of it always brings a hint of a smile to our lips. I gave myself to my first love and we are still together today.

Our first embrace sent chills through me. The times we spent together consumed every one of my thoughts. Walking together, sharing, our time seemed to go on forever. The love, the passionate love, seemed to burn through my every being.

Then, slowly, the embers began to fade. My passionate love began to cool. I am ashamed to admit it but it was entirely my fault. I did not want to spend as much time together. Others caught my eye and I began to chase after them instead.

I tried to keep my first love as well. I was cheating on my love ,who was extremely jealous and yet I did not care. It took me many years to realize my mistake and yet my love forgave me. I asked and received my love's forgiveness. Tentatively I began to seek after my first love again.

Slow walks together, sharing my heart and listening to the heart of my one true love. The romance is consuming me again. After all this time the passion is becoming a flaming desire. I long for my love. This time I am giving myself completely.

Jesus Christ, the object of my desire. I missed so much while chasing after others. He has shown His passionate love for me...He still does. I feel His embrace, I feel His kisses, I want to know Him more.

Take me away with you Lord!

We as God's children, have the opportunity to share His love with the world. We are a peculiar people....ones that God called for His glory. We should be consumed with the things of God. The passion David displayed is possible in our own life as well. God should consume us...be our all in all, our everything. Will you let Him be your everything?

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