Genealogy of Grace

I have to admit that I never really enjoyed reading the genealogies listed in the Bible. I mean I have read them. However, to be honest, I just skim over them lately.

That is, I did until yesterday. I started reading the book of Matthew again. I was determined to READ the whole thing and not just skim it. So imagine my joy when I read Matthew 1:1-17 and realized how exciting the genealogy actually is. I mean this thing was a mess. I looked at this list and was like...Whoa!

Just look at this list in Matthew 1. Reading it you will find a prostitute, a murderer, an adulterer, idol worshipers, you name it.

These people were in the lineage of Jesus! This was the list God gave us of Joseph's family tree. This sounds like a who's who of reprobates. Most people would try to hide these kinds of relatives in their family tree. Not God. He wanted us to see the good, bad and ugly of Jesus' earthly lineage.


I believe it was because God's grace was on display. David was forgiven, Jacob became the father of a nation. Some repented, others didn't but God's grace WAS evident. Even those who did not come back into a right relationship with God, WERE given the chance. God sent prophets to call them to repentance. His mercy was there for all to see.

The same holds true for us. We might mess up royally but you know what? God forgives. His grace and unmerited favor is there for us as well.

Are you willing to accept?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just preached Mt 1 on Sunday, after which someone asked me to speak more about the women noted in Matthew's genealogy! It is indeed a document of grace – surprising grace!

RDA said...

I am preaching on it this Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I liked this story...

“A Jew and a Gentile are studying the Old Testament together in preparation for a class at the university. The Gentile asks his friend, ‘What is your favourite passage?’ His quick reply, ‘The first eight chapters of 1 Chronicles.’ When asked why this passage [of lengthy genealogies] is especially meaningful for him, the Jew goes on to explain that a passage such as that shows in the clearest way how God’s love for His people is shown throughout the centuries; it shows that God is continually at work in our world; it show that His faithfulness continues to reach to all generations, and His covenant love goes from parents to children.”
(from a sermon by a preacher named Adrian Dieleman, www.trinityurcvisalia.com/sermons/mt01v01.html)

Considering how Matthew's genealogy includes the good, the bad and the ugly, it's encouraging to know that the Gospel is for ALL people (even you and me!).

S (again)