2 Concussions and a Renewed Mind

I remember dropping like a sack when my Dad hit me in the head with a hammer. It was all my fault. See, my Dad was a plumber and I spent a year in the early 90's as his helper. He was securing basement pipes in place with metal straps. He was getting tired. I went to get him more straps and came up behind him just as he dropped his arm in fatigue...boom...1st diagnosed concussion.

Eggs...a simple word really. However, this was the word I forgot. Where as the first concussion left me with a headache the 2nd one 10 years later was far worse. I was working on cars for a living and had gone up to the balcony to get some parts and ran smack dab into a metal t-bar hanging from the ceiling. For the next 3 days I forgot simple words like eggs. At first my wife thought I was joking. I just wasn't in my right mind...(some think I'm still not...LOL)

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." (Romans 12:2)

After my second diagnosed concussion I wanted nothing more than to think clearly. However, thinking clearly as a believer takes time. When I gave my life to Christ, change did not happen overnight. For a while I still thought (and acted) like an unbeliever. Over time though, I began to notice that I was gravitating less and less to the things of the world the more I put my focus on Christ.

Matt. 6:31 talks about not being anxious. Matt. 6:33 says to seek God's kingdom first. The more we focus on God, the more we learn His heart, the more our desires and thoughts will begin to reflect His. I like how one study note I read talks about Rom. 12:2...it says our regeneration happens instantly but our transformation is ongoing as we seek and grow in Him.

Live the adventure. Let Christ change your life!


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this post and the previous one, too, Rick. Thanks for sharing this stuff! S.

RDA said...

Thanks Brother!