Bobcat Tales - Watch

WATCHFUL, a. Vigilant; attentive; careful to observe.

I remember when our bobcat stood watch one afternoon.

The story begins when my Mom was letting the cats in. Our dog, which had been outside, pushed his way into the house. Now normally this would not be a big deal. However, the dog had rolled in some things that my Mom did not want spread around the house. As she yelled at the dog to get out, our bobcat came into the room and began chasing the dog around the house. As they ran through the kitchen, dining room and into my parent's bedroom the bobcat was swiping at my dog continuously. Finally the dog ran under my parent's bed and the cat began standing guard.

For the next hour or so, every time the dog would try to come out from under the bed the bobcat would take a swipe at him. This continued until my Dad came home from work. When he came into the bedroom, the bobcat looked at him, let out a cry and left the room. My dad promptly removed the dog.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13)

As believers, we need to stand on guard as well. We need to be vigilant and when sin creeps in or comes towards our door we need to go on the offensive. We need to take the battle to the enemy and not give ground. However, there comes a time when we also need to look to the Father and repent. Maybe we fell, maybe we gave in "just a little". Whatever the case, we need to let the Father clean house and remove the offense.

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