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Today's guest is Tim Salmon. Tim
is a former MLB right fielder/DH who played his entire career with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim franchise. Known affectionately among Angels fans as the King Fish, he is considered one of the greatest players in the Angels' franchise history. In 2002, he helped guide the Angels to their first World Championship. Tim Salmon thrilled Angels fans with his team effort and all-out play. He remains a fan favorite to this day. Founded during his playing days with the Angels, the Tim Salmon Foundation supports charities assisting (Orange County, CA), as well as faith-based organizations (Arizona, Europe).

And now without further delay, on to the questions:

Hi Tim,

Question 1: What one word would describe your current relationship with God?


Question 2: Your ministry, the Tim Salmon Foundation, seeks to help kids and families. Many have suffered abuse or are runaways. What was the catalyst for your involvement with these types of ministry?

Looking around at my own kids and family and realizing how blessed we are. We aren't the norm in society today. Wanting to give kids and families something to feel blessed about.

Question 3: How prevalent are these problems?

Teens in crisis are everywhere. Even in your neighborhood. People just aren't aware of the resources that are out there to help. Foster kids will always be with us. There is never enough volunteer help or good families to satisfy the need.

Question 4: What can Christians do to help in this area?

Do what we did. Start with your neighborhood or surrounding area. Try to make a difference where it's closest to home. Our two charities we supported were within blocks of our home. These are kids that may come in contact with us at grocery stores, shopping centers and schools. It was a great example for my kids to get involved.

Question 5: How hard is it to be a Christian witness in competitive sports?

It's no different than in normal life. If anything you have a greater platform to reach out to others from. But, I assume the question is referring to the obstacles or temptations out there. It's not much different from normal life. If you're not careful for the situations you put yourself into, you'll be prone to trouble. Insulate yourself with fellow believers that can keep you accountable, read God's Word daily, and have an active prayer life. This formula served best for me.

Thank you so much Tim.

There you have it. I would encourage you to check out Tim' s website where you can find out more info about his foundation.

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The Real HGM said...

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Good interview, though. I think it's really cool that you're able to access athletes like Salmon and chat with them.

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