Thank You

To all the participants in Blogapalooza - Thank You!

To all those who read any of the recent posts by my guest bloggers, I hope you enjoyed what you read. If you missed one, here again is the list with links. I provided titles where ones were given:

Anne Jackson - The Power of Words

Dawn Fehr

Fred Von Kamecke - Is It Just My Karma?

Sarah Apperson - Coping or Overcoming?

Paul Wilkinson

Hanna Apperson - Love

Dave Lloyd - Going To See Darlene

Stanley Groothof - Going Public

Andrew Farley - Forgiven or Cleansed, or Not?

Clay Crosse

Angela Bond - Wiping Out Locusts


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the opportunity! If you ever something for "4th Point," you are, of course, most welcome to send it my way! =) S.

RDA said...

Thanks Brother. I might just do that someday.