Sometimes it's nice to sit back and listen to someone else for a change. I find this to be true as I Pastor Main Street Christian Fellowship. I enjoy having someone else preach and share so that I can soak in as well.

So I had this idea, BLOGAPALOOZA. I want you to meet some new people. I asked various friends and bloggers to share with you this month on my blog. So, all through the month of June I will feature different voices. Friends, family, bloggers, authors, you'll find them all here. So make note of the schedule and check back in for BLOGAPALOOZA.

Blogapalooza Schedule:

June 4: Anne Jackson, Author
June 6: Dawn Fehr, Blogger
June 8: Fred Von Kamecke, Author
June 10: Sarah Apperson, My WIfe
June 12: Paul Wilkinson, Blogger
June 14: Hanna Apperson, My Daughter
June 16: Dave Lloyd, Blogger
June 18: Stanley Groothof, Blogger
June 20: Andrew Farley, Author

Possible participants on the 22, 24th and 26th

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