"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

I am trying to learn to rejoice more. Today I went from rejoicing to outright praise.

You see, my daughter has had issues with her teeth and jaw. At one point they said it was receding to the point that her airway could possibly become restricted in the future. They talked about surgery. We decided to pray.

They talked about another option involving multiple procedures, inserts, pulling, devices to jut the jaw out abnormally for awhile. Oh and if they did all that, it still might not work.

My wife and I went over the finances and knew it would be tight...we would have to save some money. In the meantime we kept praying. Our daughter was a bit upset by the idea of all these procedures, etc. but did not want surgery.

Today, at a dental consultation, they decided that....in a nutshell "things changed." The dentist attributed it to growth that could have gone either way.

The way it went was through the throne room of God.

So she needs braces. We all rejoiced as we went from all that to this. My daughter was ecstatic and we are praising God for reducing multiple problems to something simple like braces.

Of course, the key is to rejoice regardless the outcome. Can we rejoice in the bad times as well as the good?


bcsmithereens said...

How exciting! He is good, isn't he? Oh, and by the way, welcome back.

Unknown said...

Praise God...thanks for sharing!

RDA said...

Thanks for the comments. We are praising God.

@Dawn - It's good to be back!