The Story of a Killer Sermon

Have you ever felt that your pastor was so long winded you could not stay awake in church? I know when I was co-pastor of a church in TN, many years ago, we had a man who would come to church, sit near a window and fall asleep. EVERY WEEK! He claimed he felt so relaxed when he came to church.

How many people feel bored to death?

Well this week I was reminded of a Scripture where Paul is teaching and a guy falls asleep and dies!

"After the Festival of Unleavened Bread, we boarded a ship at Philippi. Five days later we joined them in Troas and stayed there for seven days. On Sunday we met to break bread. Paul was discussing Scripture with the people. Since he intended to leave the next day, he kept talking until midnight. (Many lamps were lit in the upstairs room where we were meeting.) A young man named Eutychus was sitting in a window. As Paul was talking on and on, Eutychus was gradually falling asleep. Finally, overcome by sleep, he fell from the third story and was dead when they picked him up. Paul went to him, took him into his arms, and said, "Don't worry! He's alive!" Then Eutychus went upstairs again, broke the bread, and ate. Paul talked with the people for a long time, until sunrise, and then left. The people took the boy home. They were greatly relieved that he was alive." (Acts 20:6-12)

No one forced these people to hear the Word and no one forced them to stay! Their hunger for God was such that they stayed all night. Even the guy who died! He ate and resumed listening to Paul talk.

In Russia, years ago, I remember being at a church service that started at 8 am and by 1 pm they had to force people to leave. People were hungry for God's Word. In N. America people have a hard time being ON TIME for a 1 - 2 hour service!

Psalm 84:2 talks about our heart and flesh crying out for the living God! Do you feel the hunger? A hunger for the Word, for prayer, for fellowship. Seek the Lord. Pursue Him!

Get an appetite for God.


Wm. Bill Whiting said...

Get an appetite for God Amen. Yes some of Gods people need to get an appetite again for God and His word. Many people must get past, you know hurt feelings, failures, that and the enlist, list of meaningless excuses . God say in His word we are to forgive, like they say for get about it. Live life to the fullest in Gods fellowship.

RDA said...

Live life to the fullest in Gods fellowship! AMEN Brother!