Why the Hate?

God so loved the world that He sent His only Son! (John 3:16) Jesus loved us enough that He submitted His will to the Father and died for our sins!

So how is it that Christians are known more for what we are against than for our love? Ask a non-believer what a Christian stands for and you get a long list of what we are NOT for. We are not for abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. If you do hear what we are for, it falls more along the lines of: war, the death penalty, etc. ..

Why are we not known for our love? Shouldn't we be modeling Christ? Jesus spoke the truth, yet He spoke more to the thirst and the hunger people had. The woman at the well (John 4) is a prime example. Jesus did not endorse her sin, but He pointed out her need more than her sin. He spoke to her thirst. He addressed the reasons WHY she acted out this way.

I believe as Christians we should point people to Jesus instead of trying to play judge and jury. Only Christ can change lives. We can speak the truth but we should be known for our love. We should model love to one another and let the love of Christ pour out to those around us.


tjw1970 said...

Well said.

RDA said...

Thanks Brother