Spotlight - The Bells

Here is the next Spotlight. Each month I will highlight a different friends that my wife and I know somewhere around the world. We encourage you to pray for them and their work. You will find contact info if you want to send them an encouraging note and also information on how to donate towards their ministry if you feel so led. The next family I want to spotlight are the Bells. Rick and Jennifer work in China.
We first met Rick and Jennifer Bell back in 1994 at a DTS in Lindale, TX. Actually I met and fell in love with Sarah there and Rick and Jennifer also met and fell in love during this time. I asked Rick to share a bit about themselves:

The Bell Family has been serving for over 14 years in China. Rick has worked in various teaching positions, working with children as well as adults. Most of his work, however has been in Universities, where he has sought to shine the light of Jesus while teaching various subjects, like English, Culture, and Literature classes.

Jennifer has done most of the homeschooling of their children, Matthew (11), and Ryan (7), while also taking care of Marybeth (2). She makes friends in the community and shines her light through the relationships that develop.

The Bells have been involved with others in the building of new schools in the countryside, and more recently helping a farm project to get started. They are coming alongside Chinese brothers and sisters to support them in their own outreach to needy villages.

Please pray for them as they seek to make a difference among a population that is so large! Pray that their words and works are attended with divine power!

See Rick's blog at www.bamboobell.blogspot.com . Gifts and donations can be made at: http://www.globaloutreach.org/giving-to-global

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