Quit Majoring on the Minors

People love theology but let's face it, churches split over this stuff. Don't take my word for it, pick up a phone book; look up 'church' and see how many variations you can find on each denomination. Yet every time I turn around, a group of believers is trying to draw me into theological "discussions" on Revelation, Creation, etc... Now there is nothing wrong with these discussions, but I have noticed it invariably turns into a defense of "stated belief," and my question is always, "Why?" Why must believers of differing, or even the same, denomination, squabble and bicker over minute points of the Word of God?

Theology can very easily turn into an over-complication of Christianity!

Jesus is coming back. When? I'm not God. He will come back when He's ready. I am more concerned about being ready myself then to argue over when it's happening. When will the Rapture happen? When God wants it to and not a moment before. I have my opinions but in the end that's what they are...opinions based on an interpretation of Scripture. You might have the same one or one that is slightly different. In the end why does it matter? Why not focus on the FACT that He IS coming back, and leave the timing to Him?

I remember being drawn into one discussion on Creation and everyone had an opinion. Six days, 6,000 days...the arguments were rapid and each had a Scriptural defense. In the end though I had to ask....why does it matter? Do you believe God created it? Good. Move on.

I am not saying we should not defend the faith....the sad part is, most of the time we are defending "our beliefs" against other Christians. I'm not saying these are not "major" issues. I am saying that in the end, will our view of Revelation keep us out of Heaven? Will God look in the book of life and say, "Oh you believed in my Son, you accepted Him, yet you thought I was coming back pre-trib....get out!"

My heart breaks when I can see pastors of different denominations stand in a small Christian bookstore and not acknowledge each other because of differing beliefs. When believers will argue to the death over their interpretation of Revelation while not paying the slightest heed to the Great Commission! (Matt. 28:16-20) When the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7) gets minimized while the timing of the Rapture gets all the press we have gone astray!

It's time to get back to basics. To focus on Jesus Christ and Him crucified! Are you with me?


Melanie said...

I agree.

RDA said...

Thanks. I find the whole thing sad really.