The Question That Never Goes Away

I am a fan of Philip Yancey's writing.  His books always feel so raw, so real.  They speak to my heart and express in words things I am not always able to articulate.  I was intrigued when I found out he was writing a sequel of sorts (30 years later) to Where is God When it Hurts?  THAT book sold over 1.5 million copies, which goes to show how many people are asking hat same question.

Which brings me to Yancey's latest work, The Question That Never Goes Away.  

Here Yancey addresses those questions that still linger..."Why God?" and "Where is God when we suffer?"  These are not easy questions to answer.  In fact, just like many of his books, Yancey does not so much answer the question as he looks at the question in different ways.  His latest book takes you through many recent tragedies like Sandy Hook, the tsunami in Japan and visits Sarajevo to see the state of recovery over a decade and a half later.  

Philip Yancey asks the questions on everyone's lips.  I found comfort in reading this book.  Yancey looks at Psalm 23 in a way I never have noticed before and it sent me to the Word to read the Psalm and to make a few notes.

I also appreciated the attention he gave to "being present" with those who are hurting.  Instead of saying the wrong thing, Yancey encourages the reader to BE the church and to BE with those who suffer loss, pain, etc. 

A great stand alone book, this also makes a great companion to his previous works on the topic of pain.

I received a free copy of this book via the Booksneeze review program.

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