Martha, Mary and Lazarus - Just A Thought #49

Martha, Mary and Lazarus

How do you come to Jesus Christ?

I was looking at the various mentions of Martha, Mary and Lazarus in the new Testament this week and I found an interesting parallel between how they approached Christ and how we Christians approach Him today.

Let's just look at the various examples. You have Mary, whom we find at one point sitting at the feet of Christ. She came as one ready to learn at the Master's feet. (Luke 10:39) Mary also came to Jesus to anoint Him with oil and to wash his feet with her hair. I see this as an act of worship. (John 11:2). When her brother Lazarus died, Mary came out to Jesus with tears in her eyes. He called her and she responded She told Him that if He had been there this bad thing would not have happened. (John 11:32) Some of us, like Mary, come to worship Jesus--to listen to Him. We seek Him with our whole heart. Other times we may come to Him with accusations. (Why weren't you here?)

Martha also came to Jesus. She came in frustration, wondering why she had to do all the work! (Luke 10:40) When Lazarus passed away, Martha went out to Jesus with the "If" statement. If you had been here, this would not have happened. Yet she also believed He could do anything, though she was also confused by His statement that Lazarus would rise again. (John 11:21-24)

Finally we have Lazarus who came at the call of Jesus. He was dead and came to life when Jesus called him.

So how do you come to Jesus? Do you come like Mary, Martha or Lazarus? Are you feeling dead inside and needing to feel the life giving call of Christ? Do you come with questions or accusations? Are you frustrated? Maybe you are coming just to Worship! The neat thing about the way that each one came to Jesus was that He had the perfect response. He spoke truth, He spoke to the need. He had compassion and He restored those in need of restoration.

When you come to Jesus, He will meet you where you are and lead you the rest of the way. Step out in faith. Come! Don't think it will all be easy though. After Lazarus was restored to life, the chief priests sought to kill him to stop his testimony! Life with Christ is not easy in this world, but it is thrilling!

How will you come to Him today?

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