Mission In Action

Here is a video you should definitely watch. However, you may want to have a tissue handy. I was sent this link via Compassion and my whole family watched it together.

It was an eye-opener to those who have never been outside N. America.

Produced by Missions in Action, this is an interactive web series that was created with the purpose to make a difference around the world. The team is:
  • traveling around the world to identify problems that people are facing. (Right now, this team is in the Philippines.)
  • highlighting the actions that individuals and/or companies are taking to help those in need. (The focus of this webisode is Compassion International.)
  • providing a way for viewers to help out.

This, their 1st Webisode, shows you how much the work of Compassion can impact a life. As a sponsor myself, I am encouraged to see how my small donation can impact a child for a lifetime.

If you are not sponsoring a child with Compassion, why not do so today? We have for nearly 10 years and seeing our sponsored child grow has been a blessing to our family!

You can find links to sponsoring a child and stay connected to Compassion via any of these networks:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, Rick! I love that your whole family watched it together. Great idea!

RDA said...

Yeah it was quite powerful and opened up some great family discussion.