I have been a bit infrequent of late.

Part of that is work related as there is a boatload of stuff on my plate.

Part of it is intentional as I am really meditating on Ecclesiastes 3 right now.

In particular, the latter part of 3:7 which says there is a time for silence and a time to speak.

The word that is gnawing at me is right there:


I shared on Ecclesiastes 3 at church last week and something was said that just brought that word home to me.

I think silence is something we don't practice enough in Christianity.

It got me thinking though and I have been digging into the Word and looking at themes like:

"Being Still Before God, Silence, Contemplation and Reflection"

I just felt that I needed to take some time and reflect on these themes.

Only in listening to the Father can we really know His heart.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rick, for this.

In our noisy world, we need times to be just be silent, to remember that noise is seldom natural despite our usual experiences. Sometimes I encourage people to "partake" in a few moments of silence during a Sunday morning worship service – it may be the only peace and quiet some get all week!

In a lot of ways, I reckon that our noisy busyness reflects a lot of misplaced trust in our own abilities and a general avoidance of the God who sometimes speaks in a gentle whisper to those who slow down long enough and quiet themselves enough to listen.

I am reminded of Ps 46:10
"'Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted
among the nations,
I will be exalted
in the earth.'
The LORD Almighty is with us;
the God of Jacob
is our fortress."

RDA said...

Good stuff and I am looking at Psalm 46:10 as one of the Scriptures for a sermon on Stillness.