Road Trip Inspiration

I love worship music. Singing praise to God just excites me and I feel like I connect with the Father more when I praise Him!

One of my favorite worship leaders has always been Keith Green. His songs just resonate with me. I feel his passion desire to go deeper with God just emanated from the songs he wrote. Even 29 years after his passing, his songs still seem fresh today.

I found a Keith Green Live CD this week at the Salvation Army and it became perfect road trip music as we set off as a family to our daughters figure skating competition.

As we went cruising down the road, my wife and I sang to some of our favorite worship songs.

Interspersed throughout the CD were little comments and encouragements from his concerts. One of the things he mentioned was our focus and how we get so caught up looking at ourselves we fail to see the Father!

That sent my wife and I into a fun discussion on the topic of focus and out of it came a great brainstorming experience.

In the end, my wife and I came up with a drama that we will begin working on soon. I think it will be fun. More importantly, the focus is on the King of Kings!

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