A Blessing and a Miracle

If you are a parent, you probably have a nickname or a way of looking at your kids. I know I do.

A Blessing and a Miracle.

That's how I refer to my 2 children.

I recall a word I felt the Lord had given me shortly after my daughter H____ was born. We were standing at a bus stop in Croatia and I felt the Lord saying to me that H____ would be a blessing not only to us but to people around the world.

Well...12 years later and she HAS been a blessing to us. Our life is richer having H____ in it. She brings us immense joy and we love her dearly. In addition, people around the world love and have been blessed by H____. She has been used of God to touch lives on 3 continents.

Now we have C____. He was a miracle. We did not think we could have children after H____ was born. Sarah had massive complications, was in and out of the hospital and at one point we weren't sure if she would ever recover.

C____ came at a time when we gave up on the idea of more children. Then, low and behold, God showed us through this miracle that He had other plans.

So we now have a Blessing and a Miracle in our life.

Psalms 127:3-5

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