Sacred Marriage - The Event

When I 1st saw the signs around town, back in October, I looked with interest at the premise: A weekend marriage event with Gary Thomas, author of Scared Marriage.

A local congregation, Telkwa CRC, was bringing Gary up for a Sacred Marriage event and my wife and I were stoked. It sounded awesome and we wanted all of our friends and acquaintances to check it out.

We went with some friends and Sarah and I were greatly impacted by this event. Gary uses humour and hard hitting truth to break through the veneer of self righteousness that so many of us hate to admit we struggle with. I know in my own life, I found it easier to blame my spouse for things when in reality, the finger should have been pointed at me.

To me the true test of a conference or event is how it impacts you 2-3 months after the event. Well my wife and I are still going back to the things Gary shared. having seen God restore our own marriage, we were excited to share what we learned with others. Gary's book has become THE marriage book we recommend.

However, I think if you can get to a marriage event with Gary Thomas you should go. He brings the book to life and you will find your marriage and your relationship with the Lord strengthened. Check out Gary's schedule and to find an event near you. Or better yet, have your church invite Gary to speak.

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