Jesus - the definition of life

I looked up life in the dictionary recently and came across a definition that got me very excited. Life was described as: the experience of being alive.

The experience, I like to call it an adventure. Life IS an adventure. It's exciting. It has it's ups and downs to be sure but come on...LIFE rocks.

Look how we try to increase our life span on a daily basis. People take vitamins to stay healthy, they exercise, use plastic surgery to look younger, go to doctors to take care of problems. There are a host of life stretching, life giving, life fulfilling activities that people involve themselves in on a daily basis.

Yet many people still seem depressed.

They can't figure out why life is so hard and why they feel so down and unfulfilled.

I have the answer...

They need Christ. Jesus IS the answer. Now I will not lie and say life gets easier if you are a Christian, that's just not true. However, when I rest in my identity, knowing who I am in Christ (Gal. 2:20), then I can handle whatever comes.

There can be joy in the journey. We can maintain a positive faith only when we are resting in Him.

So kick up your heals, dig into the Word and have a ball. Celebrate. We have a reason to. Jesus is alive!


Paul Wilkinson said...

One of your best posts, Rick.

RDA said...

Thanks Brother!