Missionary Spotlight: Lindsay Hallman

Here is the next Missionary Spotlight. Each month I will highlight a different missionary that my wife and I know somewhere around the world. We encourage you to pray for them and their work. You will find contact info if you want to send them an encouraging note and also information on how to donate towards their ministry if you feel so led. The next missionary I want to spotlight is Lindsay Hallman. We first met Lindsay a couple years ago when she spent a short time in Smithers, BC. I asked Lindsay to share a bit about herself:

Hi! My name is Lindsay Hallman. I grew up in Red Deer, Alberta. When I was 19 years old God called me to be a missionary in Mexico. Finally two years later I was able to go. I came down to Oaxaca, Mexico in August 2008 and hooked up with an organization called Global Frontier Missions. I attended Mission Training School for 7 months. Mission Training School (MTS) is basically an on-the-field program where we are able to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus and learn about God's heart for the nations while practicing what we've been taught. In April I graduated from the program and was asked to stay with Global Frontier Missions in Oaxaca. I will be doing discipleship with the single girls who come down from the States and Canada to attend short-term mission trips and Mission Training School. As well as working with the school I will continue to grow my relationships with Mexican friends and tell them about Jesus so that they can fall in love with him too. One of my Mexican friends and I will be going every couple of weeks to a village about an hour and a half from where I live to minister to the people there. This village only has 1 or 2 Christians. We believe that one day a church will be in that village because the Lord reigns and He is mighty to save!

-Please pray for the many Unreached People Groups who have not yet heard about Jesus Christ in the State of Oaxaca.
-Alcoholism and adultery are two of the biggest strongholds here in Oaxaca. Pray that those strongholds would be torn down and that families would be reconciled.
-Pray that our Oaxacan friends and neighbours would not have a spirit of fear but that they would open up their hearts and be set free in the name of Jesus.
-Pray that more Christians would GO and tell those who don't know him about our Saviour. Let's not keep Him to ourselves.
-Please pray for me.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. :) (Psalm 136:1)

You can send Lindsay an email: lind_sayj@hotmail.com

or snail mail:
Commission to Every Nation
Attn: Lindsay Hallman Apdo. 14
Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca 69800
Donations to the ministry of Lindsay Hallman can be sent to:

Living Stones Church
2020 40 Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 5E3

Cheques are payable to Living Stones Church. Do not put my name on the cheque. Please write on separate sheet of paper, "For Lindsay Hallman in Mexico."

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