Dear God

Dear God,

I am writing today asking that you bless Tsehay, our sponsored child through Compassion! We've known her for over 10 years now Lord and have prayed for her and loved her like one of our own.

Each time we get a letter from her, it touches our hearts and helps us to understand that much more why sponsorship is so important.

Lord, my heart also rejoiced this week when I read that 837 children were sponsored this week. September is blog month for Compassion and the work is already paying off. I can only imagine all those precious children being told they have a sponsor.

As exciting as that number is, there are 2,271 to go this month. Each one waiting for a sponsor.

Father I pray that each one of those children find a sponsor this month.

Thank You Lord,


PS, for those of you reading this, why not make my prayer come true and check out the sponsorship page? Sponsor A Child

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Unknown said...

I believe God through His mighty hand will provide for the sponsoring of these kids. Maybe you can develop your faith in His ability to cater for our financial needs by checking out these books, "Unbeatable prosperity", and "Why non-tithing Christians become rich and how tithing Christians become poor". It'll catalyze your faith to know and believe that God has supplied all our needs. Be blessed! :)