Come to the Party!

I am late to the party but I still hope you will all open the gifts!

This month Compassion is trying to find sponsorship for over 3,000 children.

Here is the Sponsor a Child page

I want to challenge you to go to the page and to pray over the children. Pray for sponsorship, pray for them to know Jesus, pray for God to protect them.

When we receive our updates on Tsehay, our sponsored child of 10 years, we get so excited to see what God is doing in her life. She is in a poverty stricken area of Ethiopia, yet we have seen the reports and read her letters of all that God is doing in her life and in her family.

I want to challenge you to checkout the Sponsor a Child page and spend time asking God to reveal His heart for the poor to them.

Maybe it seems over the top to make that challenge in these economic times. However, I believe God will provide the means if you follow His leading. My family has had it's fair share of financial struggles but have never missed a month of sponsorship.

What do you have to lose?

I dare you to check the page out!

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