No, No, No

No Reserves

No Retreat

No Regret

These were the words that were found to be recorded in William Borden's Bible when he died in Egypt in 1913.

I just recently heard of the story of William Borden. Heir to the Borden, Inc. empire, William Borden had an encounter with Christ and then felt the Lord's call on his life at the age of 16. His family was very wealthy and after sending William around the world, he informed his family upon his return that he would be giving up everything for missionary work.

He wrote "No Reserves" after renouncing his fortune for missions.

He wrote "No Retreat" after his father told him he would never let him work in the company again.

He wrote "No Regrets" shortly before he died of meningitis in Egypt.

He left behind money for missions and a testimony of a life turned over completely to Jesus Christ.

What testimony will we leave behind?

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