3 Very Disturbing Books

I love to read.

I also love to be challenged.

Then I read 3 books by Tom Davis.

Fields of the Fatherless, Scared and Priceless - These 3 books have so disturbed me, so challenged me, I never want to go back to resting on my laurels...and the last 2 are FICTION books!

This was the first book I read. Scared.

This was the first fiction book that made me cry. It also had me praying harder than I ever have for those suffering in Africa. I already sponsor a child via Compassion but this made me want to sponsor a dozen more via Compassion and Tom's ministry, Children's Hope Chest. Though the story is fiction, the entire novel is based on true events and THAT is very disturbing. My wife and I spent time talking about this book and trying to figure out ways we can help. Africa has been on my heart since I was a teen, now even more so.

After reading his previous novel, I decided to pick up his next one, Priceless.

deals with the sex-trade industry, primarily in Russia. Readers of this blog know that I have made quite a few posts regarding the sex trade industry and ways to help those people caught in its insidious web. From interviews with the head of the International Justice Mission and Free the Slaves to links to Salvation Army programs, I feel this is an often overlooked area that we as believers should do more about.

The great thing about Tom's books are that they give you just such an opportunity. He doesn't want you to just read a novel and walk away. You are given the means to act.

This book, Fields of the Fatherless, is all about being the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world. It is not one of these guilt trip type of books. You don't feel beat over the head with misery and guilt. Instead, I found myself INSPIRED to act.

All 3 of these books have left me discomfited in a good way. It has been nearly a year since I read them and I still chew on the lessons learned and try to come up with new ways to reach out to those in need.

I challenge you to pick any and all of these books.

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