My Father's Son

I don't remember when it happened exactly. There was not a particular moment where I noticed it. In fact, as a kid I would have been embarrassed or even mortified to think it even possible.

Somewhere along the way I turned into my Dad!

Specifically, I notice I have a some of my Dad's traits.

Like being a storyteller...and a people person.

My Dad loves people and it shows. He also can tell a good story.

Actually, without knowing it, my Dad was actually modeling the same kind of traits that Jesus modeled here on earth.

Jesus told lots of stories. Every time someone asked Him a question He invariably seemed to respond with a story. He seemed to use the phrase "The Kingdom of God is like..." quite often. He told numerous parables and even referenced events of the day.

He also had an obvious and immense love for people. Of course, we know how much He loved us, but you could also see that in the day to day displays of grace to those around Him.

Malachi 4: 6 says in part that "And he will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers..."

When I was in Tennessee last year, I had one of the best times I think I ever had with my Dad. We connected as men and as father and son. My Dad and I talked about a lot and I felt his love.

It was a special time and I found my heart renewed and my love for my Dad greatly increased.

Not only have I noticed how much I reflect my Dad and his traits, I also notice how much my Dad reflects Jesus.

Thanks Dad...for everything.

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