I Drew My Shoe!

Back in the 5th grade, our art teacher decided the students should draw their shoe!

Now, I can't draw. My daughter is quite the artist but I peaked at stick figures and never really progressed beyond that. I knew this project would be a challenge for me.

Each student took off one of their shoes and popped it on the desk. For the next few days we each struggled to make a rendition of our footwear of choice.

I knew the stick figure approach wouldn't work here.

So I drew, I erased, I drew some more. It seemed as if I took 3 lines fw and 2 lines back as I tried to make an accurate copy of my Nike! After finishing my project I presented it with joy to my teacher who rewarded me with an A. (I still have that drawing!)

Now, as I watch my daughter draw...I see the same persistence, the drawing and erasing as she seeks to create a masterpiece.

God is an artist as well. The masterpiece He is creating is our life.

Jeremiah 18:1-6 talks about the Potter and the Clay and how the Lord can shape Israel the same way. I look at those verses and think back over my life. I can see where the Lord also shaped me, molded me, rubbed out the rough spots, carved out some really bad spots, etc. I am not egotistical enough to think He is done.

Yet I know He is creating a masterpiece with my life. The erasing, the rubbing is painful at times. Yet ultimately He will receive the glory!

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