International C.O.P.S. Ministry

Do you know a Law Enforcement Officer? Why not encourage him to sign up for C.O.P.S.? His organization partners LEO's with average citizens who have committed to pray for that officer for 1 year!

Maybe you don't know an officer but you would like to pray for one. You can do that too. Just click on this link: COPS Ministry to sign up!

This is truly an international ministry. With over 500 LEO's being prayed for in 4 different countries why not join today?


Unknown said...

Thank you very much for posting this on your blog. Any Law Enforcement Officer, 911 Dispatcher or Jailor (Correctional Officer) that signs up with our ministry will receive a FREE International C.O.P.S. Ministries t-shirt.

We also encourage any family that would sign up to pray for LEO's!!!

Thank you!

Sincerely Serving HIM,
Officer Randy Myers
Founder of International C.O.P.S. Ministries


RDA said...

Thanks Randy!

We really like COPS Ministries. My daughter adopted an LEO 2 years ago!