Twilight and New Moon: Evil Abounds!

I am not a legalist. I have no problem going to movies, watching TV, etc as long as wisdom is used. However, we live in a world that is fascinated with evil. A few years back witches and witchcraft were all the rage. Everyone, including quite a few Christians, seemed to be into Harry Potter. Even though the Bible clearly speaks against witchcraft many soaked it up like baby pablum!

Now we have Twilight, New Moon and a fascination with evil. Vampires and werewolves are all the rage. Last night I saw over 100 teens lined up outside the theater waiting for the doors to open so they could flock to see New Moon.

Half the believers I talk seem to have no problem with this film even though it clearly is something Jesus would not endorse. Philippians 4:8 comes to mind!

I keep hearing about Team Jacob and Team Edward and I wish that Christians would start rallying around Team Jesus!

Let your eyes look straight ahead and your sight be focused in front of you. Carefully walk a straight path, and all your ways will be secure. Do not lean to the right or to the left. Walk away from evil. (Proverbs 4:25-27)

Habakkuk 1:13 says, "Your eyes are too pure to look at evil. You can't watch wickedness. Why do you keep watching treacherous people?"

Don't despise what God has revealed. Instead, test everything. Hold on to what is good. Keep away from every kind of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:20-22)

I have heard people say this is a romance story. Really? Do you really think Jesus would endorse dating a vampire? A werewolf?

Give your head a shake and open the Word of God.


Roberta said...

Rick, I've got to call you on this one. What makes vampires and werewolves (both fictional, imaginary creatures) any worse than the 'bad boy' characters many chick flicks have their heroines trying to reform? Or the dicey 'evil, or less slightly evil' choices often given to book and film characters?

If you're going to call out evil, don't just look where it's easy. I actually think that more realistic (non fairy-tale/fantasy) stories are more dangerous as they blur the lines between right and wrong in subtler ways. This is a bit of a cheap shot, and you're smarter than that.

ps- I have neither read nor watched the movies/books, so I'm not endorsing them either, just so you know.

RDA said...

I agree to a point. The subtle films you sited are just as bad but this is more in your face.

This is why I said use wisdom. However there is a fascination with the pure evil of witches, vampires and werewolves in society!

pastor matt said...

So, I guess T.V is out of the question then. Almost everything in T.V has elements of evil, even the Lord of the rings must then be rejected because there is much evil in it (Sorcerers, wizards), even though the good guys win. Or what about the passion of the Christ, Satan is in there (he is evil right?).

Anyways Rick I realize that I am being a little harsh, but I think that you'll get what I am trying to say.

Paul would say, that everything is permissable, but not everything is beneficial (1 corinthians 6:12). This is the way that I And I think that is the best way to deal with T.V and other forms of entertainment. There is more I could say, but I will not

RDA said...

Discussing Evil is one thing. Glorifying evil is something else entirely. When the character of a film says they can care less about their soul as long as they are bit by the vampire so they can spend eternity with it, then evil is being glorified!

Wm. Bill Whiting said...

Much to be said about the movies and the “Helevision” much more about the Word of God. When all else is getting the glory [evil and sin real or fiction] men of God need to lift up Jesus even more. We all have heard or used the analogy of how to spot the counterfeit dollar by knowing the real one. Our God Reigns,

JaimeW said...

Let me preface by saying I am not a Twilight fan, or even a real reader. However, out of curiousity I read most of one book, while it didn't grab me I was surprised by the topics that where raised:

Chastity and purity before marriage, (both cast it a desirable light) Honesty and open communication, and some deep conversations about morality, forgiveness, and where we all stand with God and the hearafter.

I think the facination lies in the difference of the characters and the challenges that they face, I found nothing 'evil' I could see inherent in the characters, vampires and wherewolves. Both where who they where against their wishes. There where clear bad people, yes. And good, also yes. That is life!

For my money I would rather ere on the side of caution, but I can't say from what I read that there is anything more damaging in these books than with any other work of fiction, and a good deal more positive. Damning a book for it vampires makes about as much sense as glorifying a book for its clergy.

RDA said...

Jaime, there is always a little truth in every lie. Vampires and werewolves can be made pure and chaste all they want...they are still vampires and werewolves. The Bible clearly condemns the drinking of blood!

JaimeW said...

Ironically so do the books themselves as much as I read...

Don said...

Rat Poison is 99% Good Food for the Rat. Its the 1% that is it's demise.

RDA said...

ROFL....good one Don!

Rustybadger said...

First of all, I'm a bit late to this conversation, but I had to wade in anyhow- so sorry for suddenly showing up with an opinion.

Dude, I love you to death- but I can't believe you actually pulled out that bit about drinking blood! Seriously, Leviticus?

Also, while I'm firmly in the 'meh' camp on the whole Twilight series of books and movies, as well as Pottermania, and the whole horror/fantasy genre in general, I am going to roll up and point out that if one is going to apply a high standard to a particular genre of entertainment, one should be at least intellectually honest enough to apply it to all. It's typical of us Christians that we have double standards around how we entertain ourselves, but I don't think this is right. You can't condemn Twilight or New Moon or Harry Potter and endorse Batman or Transformers or Watchmen. You may have a personal preference for one or the other (as does everyone), but it's not fair to go all fundamental on one because you particularly dislike its content. Sin is sin is sin- murder, lust, gluttony, whatever. I don't think Gilligan's Island is any more uplifting than Boston Legal- what we term 'mature issues' is merely a euphemism for 'different sins'.

Anyhow, that's my opinion. Meh.

RDA said...

@RustyBadger - There is nothing wrong with Leviticus. It IS part of the Bible and God still wants us to read it. There are good things in the OT and we should not ignore them.

In the issue of blood we are also commanded to stay away from it in 3 places in Acts...a NT book!

I try to use wisdom when watching or reading any forms of entertainment. I am not perfect in it for sure. I love superhero films but even then I do not and will not watch them all because some have material I strongly object to! I run most movies through Plugged in Online. If it gets a negative I avoid it. I also have trashed my books that contain foul and offensive language. I avoid films with excessive language as well.

Just because we live under Grace does not mean we avoid truth. God's grace does not give us license to dabble in all the world has to offer and we need to use wisdom in our choices.

Elena Goddard said...

Awesome post Rick! I know that everyone says that Twilight is such an awesome movie because the lead vampire, Edward, is against having sex with Bella. Yay! Uh hello! He's only not having it with her because he doesn't want to eat her! And it's not like he's trying to stay pure with her either...they still make out. It's more a 'how far can I go without making you my breakfast?'
A quote from the the girl who plays Bella, tells girls that if they like a guy, then to just go for it. And fight for him. I'm afraid that doesn't really work out all romantically in the real world.
And just to finish off with randomly criticizing the movie- Edward sparkles. Seriously. Yeah, so do my little sisters-after they have just finished a craft session. I thought it was a completely uncreative movie.

-Elena Goddard

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Twilight, you might appreciate this... http://www.boundlessline.org/2009/12/unfortunate-lessons-girls-learn-from-twilight.html

Anonymous said...

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