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Today's Guests is Fred von Kamecke. Fred is an assistant pastor at The Chapel of Lake County, Illinois. He served as assistant professor at North Park Seminary as well as adjunct professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he received his PhD (New Testament) He is the author of Busted which is published by Zondervan.

And now without further delay, on to the questions:

Hi Fred,

Question 1: What one word would describe your current relationship with God?


Question 2: Your book, Busted, tackles the myths surrounding Christianity. Where did the idea for the book come from?

The idea came while I was watching Mythbusters. I recalled someone mentioning that you can't trust the Bible since it's been translated so many times (which wound up being chapter 2). I literally got up and started typing that very moment.

Question 3:
Was there a particularly hard myth to tackle?

Two chapters wound up being very difficult to write: 4, concerning science (since I'm not a scientist), and 5, since the topic of the canon is extremely complicated. They were the last chapters written.

Question 4:
In your opinion, why are there so many myths surrounding Christianity?

There are many factors: competing religious claims, incomplete knowledge of the issues involved, a willingness to believe everything’s OK (there really is no intrusive God actually calling me to live differently), intentional deception, malevolent people and spiritual forces opposed to the truth, just to name a few.

Question 5:
What do you hope people take away from your book?

My prayer is that Christians will be encouraged to seek out answers to the relentless attacks against the faith (and become better equipped), and that seekers of Christianity will find the Lord who inspires all truth. I also hope that all of the above will see that apologetics need not be mean and edgy to be effective.

Thanks you Fred for taking the time to answer these questions!

Thank you so much for your interest in Busted.

So there you go. I would HIGHLY recommend you go out and buy a copy of Busted today. For more info on this awesome book check out the Zondervan site today!

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