The Sound of Silence

Can you imagine a day unplugged from the world?

I am going to attempt this very thing this coming Monday. No email, radio, tv or cell phone. No blogging, Facebook and no talking period.

I covet your prayers this week. I have been feeling the Lord nudge me on this for some time now and I have not acted on it. Now it is almost overwhelming.....I feel the Lord calling me to a day of complete silence (from my end), reflecting on Him, listening for Him...not in petition but just in contemplation and silence. Two verses I am thinking on right now are:

Psalm 143:5 I remember the days long ago. I reflect on all that you have done. I carefully consider what your hands have made.

Psalm 119:15 I want to reflect on your guiding principles and study your ways.

I realized this week I am always bustling about and when I pray it is times of request. I know that I need to take some time to listen. My family is on board and think I should give it a run ....so pray for me.......

I want to know Him more. I want to listen....truly listen....

Anyone else up for the challenge?


Rick said...

You're probably going to have a wonderful day.

I know a professor who encourages his students to do a 'media fast'. It is really eye-opening.

There is power in silence. Why else does the enemy want to bombard us with soundtracks everywhere we go?

RDA said...

I'm actually looking forward to this. At first I was a bit, I don't know, hesitant....bt the closer it gets the more excited I am becoming.