Sin Don't Touch!

I remember years ago participating in a skit called sin don’t touch. The idea behind the skit being that a chair represents sin and God points to the chair and says no one is to touch it. Of course man comes along and immediately touches it and gets stuck to the chair. It was a humorous little sketch used to illustrate a point.

What got me thinking about this skit?

I was up early on a Sun. morning and flipped on the TV to catch the weather. Across my screen came a televangelist. I don’t remember which one and it’s not real important. He was talking a lot about blessings. However he made it sound very cheap and easy to acquire and never mentioned sin, repentance, surrender, etc.

Now I believe fully God blesses His children. That’s not really the point.

I was just realizing that I never here sin talked about anymore. Now granted I haven’t been to every church in the world and your church may talk about sin and repentance. If so thank God! I rejoice with you.

However I notice many times I never here anything mentioned about sin, a need for a savior, repentance, anything. Just recently an article in a Canadian magazine even posed the thought that Jesus wasn’t needed in church today!

How sad. Are people being made aware they have a problem and that there is only ONE way out? God abundantly blesses His children but before we can have abundant blessings and become His children we need to have repentance. Before we can repent we have to know there is sin! It’s why I wear a t-shirt that says Sin is the leading cause of death! (Romans 6:23)

So let’s touch the topic of sin. Address it while we can and point people to the hope that is in Jesus Christ!

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